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Theatre manages to show art in its rawest and most beautiful form. In the digital age, we, as individuals are spoilt with choices when it comes to content consumption. We can simply watch an entire play or movie while sitting in bed, but, what is it that drives us to go and watch a play like Wicked or The Lion King? Not only is it due to the visuals or the sound effects but also the story itself which has made home in millions of hearts around the world. The question I raise is, what makes a theatrical experience so different and magical? Well, there is no single answer to that.

Dramas manage to touch you – the actors are the masterminds behind your emotions. Not only do you end up wishing for a happy ending but also anticipate what’s in store next. The audience can feel the gravity of a situation and hence react accordingly. We, as an audience, are merely puppets in comparison to the actors – they control our emotions with the way they act and how they weave the story of the play. The variety and complexity of these characters and the feelings depicted on stage help us connect with them on a deeper level. We see a perspective that is different from our own. As artists, we force ourselves into intellectual and emotional situations that we wouldn’t have witnessed otherwise – we are more open to take risks, give power to truth and advocate for new and diverse voices.

It takes weeks of practice, discipline as well as a lot of determination to keep the morale up and perform over and over again in front of an auditorium full of people. The motivation it takes is unimaginable. You end up wanting to know the names of the people involved as at the end of the day, it is a tough business. However, it helps us realise that we’re not alone – whether it is sharing a space with your fellow artists or the several audience members who show up, movies can never share a similar sense of intimacy or participation. It’s important to share an experience with live audience members, since it’s not only valuable but necessary for human connection.

The best part about theatre is that there are no cuts or re-dos; this is what makes every enactment so unique. While the basic script can be the same, the performance is different every time. It’s fascinating how the same actors, set, story and music can give a different feeling to the audience the second time. No two performances or even experiences can ever be the same. This is what helps theatre stand out as this is something a movie simply cannot replicate.

This is exactly why I chose theatre and well, I do know that theatre is relatively unpredictable but if it’s something that truly interests you, then the stage awaits your presence.

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