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Take a Leap

There is this phrase I come across often — “fear of change”

I understand it.

I understand where it comes from.

Our lives are so comfortable, that we don’t want something unfamiliar to break that familiarity.

And the reason our lives are so comfortable is because, it is predictable.

We know how things will pan out.

We know whom to call for help,

we know which number to dial if in a problem,

we know where to go if we need something.

And it makes sense to fear change.

Because I have. We all have.

We are scared to let go,

We are scared to move on,

We are scared to leave our ‘comfort zone’ behind - because we depend on it.

But we need to realize,

The world is ever-changing

We are ever-changing,

And before we know it,

what we would once call our comfort zones,

would now be an unhealthy habit, refusing to leave.

This may not always be the case.

Our comfort zones could simply consist of our family,

Our friends,

And while that is completely okay,

don’t forget,

You are still depending on them.

Trust yourself,

Trust yourself to make it, without them.

Trust yourself to be your own person, on your own terms with or without your comfort zones.

Trust yourself to survive the inevitable.

Trust yourself to stand tall on your own, independently.

Own the power you possess,

The strength you feel,

without anyone's’ arm on your shoulder, but yourself.

Feel limitless

Because you can.

Learn to liberate yourself from the things that hold you back.

Let go.

Be excited of the unknown,

Fearless of change,

Hope for the unpredictable,

And believe you can adapt anywhere.

Because only once you believe in being fearless

Will, you be your own person,

Not living through the comfort of others

But living through the confidence in yourself.

I began writing a journal about three months back. Sometimes I write about a conversation that gets me thinking. Sometimes I write out of boredom. And sometimes I write to figure out my own jumbled thoughts.

Either way, I never thought I would be sharing any of it, not to my family, friends, let alone people I don't know.

I always told myself that my writing is too personal to share.

But that was just an excuse.

It was because I was afraid of change. Afraid of how people would look at me differently.

Judge me based on what I wrote.

See a side of me, they haven't before.

But why should I make a decision about my life, keeping everyone else in mind?

Why can't I trust myself to be happy no matter what they think of me?

So here I am.

Yes, there will be change.

I will have something new to look forward to.

I will have comments and judgments that I cannot predict.

But I will trust myself with the journey I have chosen,

And be excited for it. Fearlessly.


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