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Franz Krommer -Symphonies 1-3

Franz Krommer was a Czech composer of classical music and violinist. Throughout a life spent for the most part in Vienna, the Bohemian-born Krommer was a prolific and productive musician of classical music, concertos and a minimum of ten symphonies, of which eight have In some places he was even regarded as a rival to Beethoven.

Krommer is primarily known for his stress free and musical clarinet concertos. However on this proof the symphonies nos. 1-3 are well worth an airing, particularly in performances as spirited and polished as these. Haydn and Mozart are main influences within the all 3, composed between 1797 and 1807, although in Nos 2 and 3 there are hints of the young Like most composers of his generation, Krommer’s musical instincts tend to be more ornamental instead of developmental; and the main feature of all 3 works is that the creative writing for woodwind, whether embellishing the themes within the slow movements or adding their forward, chuckling commentaries within the allegros.

While unforgettable tunes are at a premium, the music’s animation, color and harmonic adeptness supply truthful compensation. The scampering outer movements of Nos 1 and 3 conjure the spirit of opera buffa (a comic opera), strengthened within the opening Allegro of No 1. When a slow D minor introduction that evokes Mozart’s Prague Symphony, the Allegro fast of No 2 is that the most ruggedly Beethovenian music altogether 3 symphonies, although the lasting impression is of a series of gestures instead of of an inexorable forward drive.

Krommer has an enticing line-in theme and variation of slow movements and lusty minuet-scherzos, complete with waltzing trios. The Adagio of No 2 seems like a homage to the Andante of Haydn’s last completed quartet, Op 77 No 2, whereas the mysterious nocturnal march of No 3 momentarily prompt the Marche opus in Berlioz’s L’enfance du Christ.

However with spirited, rhythmically alert playing from the orchestras with the woodwinds taking their opportunities with style and spirit and an ideally balanced recording, Krommer’s genial invention ought to provide pleasure to anyone who enjoys venturing on the far side the Classical mainstream. All in all, it's intriguing to listen to and definitely something I'd love to play in the future.

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