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“Soon to be a major motion picture”

Paper, ink and printed words have the ability to transcend webs of fantasy from the writer’s mind into unimaginable and innumerable different visual representations in the minds of readers. The joy of reading, lies in the ability of a reader to freely imagine a character from his/her own lens.

However, “Soon to be a major motion picture” is a sticker prevalent on most books these days. Book to Screen adaptations have been growing rapidly since the last few decades. Some directors remain faithful to the writer’s original book while some others take the central premise and dilute the intended message so as to garner a wider “mass” audience. It is true that movies cater to a larger audience, but it is essential to retain the authenticity of the writer’s world and vision. Some ardent fans tremendously enjoy seeing their favourite characters come to life while others believe that the essence of the book has been lost. These adaptations do in fact, often help popularize books that have not received much attention and can act as a visual aid for those who struggle to understand the writer’s world.

Despite the ongoing debate about Book to Screen Adaptations, over 2/3rd of The Academy Awards for ‘Best Picture’ have gone to Films that were adapted from books.

And Some of my personal favourites are-

Coming this Friday- Dil Bechara on Hotstar- First Day First Show की Home Delivery

(An adaptation of The Fault in Our Stars by John Green)

Be sure to check out my movie review for the same this Saturday :)

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