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Solace Amidst Words

Think about the last time you were in awe of something incredibly beautiful. Think about how overwhelmed you felt, how deeply moved you were or how that something compelled you to try it out for yourself. The bursts of energy and the immense joy you experienced on discovering something so very gripping. I don't quite know why it grips you, and perhaps we'll never truly know because it is far more profound than just sole admiration or appreciation for the art. It is one-hundred-per cent a lot deeper than that. So for now, let's just say it liberates you, compels you and eventually becomes a part for you.

For as long as I can remember, writing has been that "incredibly beautiful something" for me. Like any other kid, the first thing I probably wrote was a short story inspired by Enid Blyton's books and her adorable characters. The only difference was that mine was full of grammatical errors, bad handwriting and a faulty storyline (which of course, I only understood after reading the story years later). What I can confirm, is the way it made me feel. The joy I experienced while creating a whole new imaginary world in a tiny notebook and giving life to all the whimsical characters in my head. Nothing can outdo the wonder of creation.

So, with time, writing became my route to learning about myself and the world around me. It allows me to express my thoughts when speech fails and gives me the freedom to articulate every idea and emotion. I write not only because it gives me peace and is my channel to cathartic relief but also because it is what makes my heart happy.

I've only just begun to explore this boundless ocean of words, delve deeper into it and discover myself. Through my writing, I hope to share with you my immense love for the arts and with it, set sail onto a journey of self-discovery.

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