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Rumble-strips On Your Writing Journey

Your fingertips are pulsating to punch so many ideas and extravagant words onto the blank screen. Your hands hover over the keyboard, itching to write something but nothing worthy enough comes out. For some crazy reason, your mind refuses to merge those words into sentences that sound even mildly sensible. Pretty frustrating, right?

Call it "writers' block" or procrastination or just pure laziness. But I guess writing about writer's block is a teeny bit better than just not writing at all. Ever so often, I find myself staring at a blank word document for hours with absolutely nothing to write about. I plop myself down on my bed and the blinking cursor mocks me for believing that the words will magically manifest themselves. Even the very many attempts of writing a decent paragraph or two fail me every time. Forget about screaming into a pillow or pacing around the room- hate to break it to you - but that does no magic either.

Now obviously, the best possible solution to overcoming all your troubles is resorting to Google. It would definitely give me the perfect and the most tried and trusted advice ever. But the five different tabs of "ways to overcome writers' block" on my laptop screen didn't particularly incite any great inspiration in my mind or give me the courage to just drop everything and start writing. It's really not as easy as it seems. Instead, the one-hundred suggestions on the internet were just a whole lot overwhelming and incredibly confusing.

Eventually, I realised that no-one or nothing can give you the super-power to just bypass all the struggle. Patience is what finally works. Maybe, we all just have to wait for that sudden brainwave to take over and for the words to spill out on sheets of papers. There's something liberating about finally being able to lose yourself in words and all the profound thoughts in your little head. That perhaps is the beauty of writing. It finds you when you're not looking for it. So even with a hundred rumble-strips and a lot more pauses in between, the clear path ahead of you is always worth the wait.

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