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Blue to Cream Gradient

Post workout Ab finisher (Equipment is optional):

* I have provided modifications for most of these movements, carry out the movement which challenges you without compromising your form. The three levels are ‘beginner’ (B), ‘intermediate’ (I)and ‘advanced’(A).

* Mind muscle connection is imperative. (This means that you must consciously squeeze your abs while carrying out the movements).

*For movements in which you are lying on your back, make sure that your back is flat on the floor and does not arch. In case your back starts arching raise your legs up to a higher angle or slightly raise your upper body.

*The following instructions apply to all the forearm plank movements-

-Forearms on the floor.

-Elbows directly below your shoulders.

-Arms parallel to your body at shoulder width.

-Palms can be flat on the floor or hands can be clasped together.

*The following 20 movements should be carried out for 30 seconds each.

* The movements should essentially be back to back as it is a burnout format.

* Short breaks can be taken between movements in order to shake out muscles or grab a sip of water.

* There are pictures attached to show you the form for workouts in which I thought you might need it.

* Best of luck, I hope you enjoy the burn :)))

1) Crunches (Not full sit ups)

i) B-Normal

ii) I-Pulses

iii) A-Weight held to chest

2) Knee-Touch crunches



Normal Knee-touch crunch

3) Russian twists

i) B-Feet on the floor

ii) I-Feet off the floor

iii) A-Weighted

Weighted Russian twists

4) Toe-Touch Crunches

i)B-Normal crunches

ii) I-Pulses

iii) A-Weighted

Weighted toe touch

5) Alternate Heel taps

Heel taps

6) Flutter kicks

i) B-Legs at 60-degree angle with back on the floor

ii) I-Rest on elbows with 30-degree angle

iii) A-30-degree angle with back on the floor

30-degree angle, back on the floor

7) Scissor kicks

i) B-60 degrees

ii) I-30-degree angle

iii) A-raise and lower

Raise and lower

Highest point

Slowly lowering, while doing scissor movement

Lowest point

8) Leg raises (Lower only till back arches)

i) B-Slight bend in the knees

ii) I-Straight legs while resting on elbows

iii) A-Straight legs with ankle weights



9) Roll-ins (Optional leg extension)

Reset position

Rolled in

10) Corkscrew twists

Corkscrew raise (Facing left)

Reset position

Corkscrew raise (Facing right)

11) Reach out to tuck in

Reach out

Tuck in

12) Star fish crunches

Reset position

Right hand to right leg

Left hand to left leg