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Music Transcends All Barriers

"Music gives a soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to imagination and life

to everything" - Plato

It manifests what cannot be expressed through mundane conversations and connects souls with a power unheard of. It is the kind of art that transcends all barriers, both emotional and cultural, temporal and spatial. It brings solace in times of chaos and even soothes our ripples of rage and misery. So when I think of music, I think of its timeless beauty and its longing impact. I think of its sublimity and the way it meanders through every universal boundary.

In music, there's no discrimination on the basis of language, colour, country or race. Each note has the ability to transmit an emotion from one soul to another and dissolve all differences. A form of communication that expresses the inexplicable and bridges gaps between cultures when speech fails. It demonstrates acceptance and empowers revolutions.It emanates love and hope and the spirit of unification in every sphere of society.

From Spanish global hits to Indian classical music or even Italian opera, each one has the ability to communicate and reach out to our hearts from a thousand miles away. Even when we don't completely understand the song we're listening to, we still find ourselves tapping our feet and swaying to the beat. The repeated exposure to music from different countries broadens our understanding of the cultures and fuels our passion for the art form. The existence of universal links through music is predestined because it has the power to make us all feel the exact same emotion.

Music is the universal language of the heart. Every strum joins the strings of our hearts together and every rhythm beats in synchrony, surpassing every linguistic and cultural barrier. So even if it's impossible to fully understand it, something unique about words and sound compels and intertwines souls worldwide

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