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The second United Nations secretary-general once said, “The UN was not created to take mankind to heaven, but to save humanity.” With the world experiencing a pandemic and the burdens that it carries, it has never been more important for the youth to be active agents of change. Hi! My name is Meher Joshi and I’m currently a junior in New York. This sense of social responsibility that I've gained from being an IB student and following my school’s core values, pushed me to use my passion for the betterment of my community. Model United Nations (MUN) has been and continues to be an immense interest of mine, so I decided to share my MUN-specific knowledge and experience with young leaders who are ready to take challenges. In doing so, I raised funds to support relief of some kind relating to public health emergencies and to render financial assistance to the people in India that are suffering the most.

My initiative, MJ MUN, has a two-fold educational objective—it aims to educate young students on what MUN is and how we can get closer to resolving global issues. I achieved this goal through the remote MUN training sessions which were open to students internationally. I did face a huge challenge as I was catering to a young target audience of 11-15 year olds. These children don’t have social media therefore advertising to them is harder. However, to overcome this barrier I created a team for publicity and design.

With the help of a team I was able to use our networking skills to cater to

a larger audience and create

appealing digital posters for our social media accounts. When this idea first struck me, I didn’t think it

would reach a global scale. But the power of social media aided me in having a team from Uganda,

Bolivia, Kenya, India and USA. I managed to collect a total of INR 65,000 and donated the amount to

Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s Fund for COVID-19 relief. It instils great joy, satisfaction, and pride in me to say that I could help and support young learners as well as give back to the community. I have pledged to continue working on my project and do my bit to make the world a better place.

By sharing this story, I want to inspire more and more students to make a small difference in someone’s life! You can make a difference in the world by just making someone smile. You have such gifts to offer this world. You are talented. You are skillful. Your dreams are not a waste of time. Make your goals and dreams a reality. Because you are wonderful and the world is a better place with you in it. Do your bit to make the world a better place for everyone. As Jane Goodall once said, “What you do makes a

difference, and you have to decide what kind of difference you want to make.”

~Meher Joshi

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