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“Don’t wait for an opportunity, create it”

And a serial procrastinator quoting that, is BIG. But the thing is, when you know that

something is right for you, you just need to dive head-first into it, and if you are truly

passionate about it, it’s never going to feel like work that you need to put off.

This realization struck me after I saw myself procrastinating for everything, from school

work to going to bed to even getting myself a glass of water from the kitchen, but there

was one thing that I didn’t delay, something I held a deep-rooted passion for. This

‘something’ came into my life sooner than I even realized.

At the age of 12, I offered to help my mother run her brand’s Instagram account purely

as an excuse to be allowed to use Instagram myself, little did I know that this would

introduce me to a vast and exceptionally intriguing Digital World which I would instantly

fall in love with. In the following years, my screen-time on Instagram sky-rocketed, my

fingers had scrolled miles and my mindset had completely changed. On the surface the

usage of such media seems like a recreational exercise to pass time, but when I saw

Social Media help my mother’s company prosper, I knew that spreading awareness

through Digital Media can be revolutionary.

To say I completely immersed myself into Digital Marketing after this, is an


Impactful Ads that brands used to showcase their creativity slowly started outnumbering

the memes on my feed, and the only E-Mails I actually began to open were the ones

sent by Swiggy and Zomato because I never truly appreciated how much they

psychologically affected us earlier(OK, slight exaggeration). From courses, to guides

from the greatest digital marketing experts, to internships and freelancing, I was eager

to learn the ins and outs of this line of work so I could take this up in the future.

Around came the pandemic and the importance of being online reached its peak, I

wanted to put everything I had learnt into action and actually help make a difference by

aiding small business growth in these tough economic conditions. But questions like

“Have you learnt everything yet?”, “You’re just a teenager are you experienced

enough?” and “Will people hand over an important aspect of their business to a kid?”

began to make me hesitant.

Yet, a strong believer in the saying “ You don’t need to be great to start, you need to

start to be great” I pre-poned my plans for the FUTURE to my plans for NOW. After

countless late nights up learning, accidentally reformatting my entire website, having 30

of my Facebook Accounts disabled (no jokes) and finding the most talented people to

collaborate with, I finally did it. I launched “ClickedMedia” A full-service Digital Marketing

Agency that provides affordable Digital Experiences to maximize the digital visibility of

small businesses. My life began to revolve around editorial calendars, progressive

digital figures, higher search engine rankings and aesthetic grids, it was thrilling.

Today, it’s been three months since the birth of the idea that motivates me to learn more

and more. I now collaborate with large-scale marketing agencies, have expanded my

team, and work with 10 brands. These brands that I work with and new people I have

made connections with, play a huge role in my life. While the knowledge that

hardworking entrepreneurs trust me, a teenager, to market their businesses has

boosted my confidence in my abilities immensely.

From endless scrolling through Instagram to becoming a Digital Marketer, this

experience has taught me that it is never too early to begin, your goal is right in front of

you, it’s just about being the person who goes for it. There’ll be apprehensions, there’ll

be a hundred different reasons not to work towards it, and making your dreams work will

be effort. But just deciding to pursue them brings you one step closer to reality.

It just takes one spark to light that fire inside you, so take the plunge, and if you’re

passionate, you’ll be successful.

~Ryka Mehra

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