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Blue to Cream Gradient

I hope it's worth it

I hope you fall.

That you fall a thousand times and get up once again.

That you break every single bone in your body and that they slip in the risk of the sport of life. And that it’s worth it. I hope you do it and that you’ll see that we’re rocks polished under the attentive gaze of those who think we’ll break and stay broken. But we don’t.

I hope you’ll find your pulse again. That you clench your teeth and tell the world with a sideways glance that you only know how to walk forwards and that if you do walk back it’s only to remind yourself that you’ve been through worse. That we’ve come here to play. So play. The strongest are born in the midst of adversity.

I hope you fall in love. And that it hurts. That you fall in love with that type of person that throws themselves into what they do. That makes you feel vertigo and change your perspective. I hope that after, you’ll ask the nights where they are and the sky won’t know. That you won’t sleep. That you go to find them. That it’s worth it.

I hope you get lost. That you get lost in the middle of a crowd of people that you wouldn’t have thought you would meet not even by chance. I hope that talking to them is the only way that you have to get out of the crowd. I hope you get out and find a real friend and keep them. That it’s worth it.

I hope you cry. That you cry until you get our of your mind and the floor disappears from your feet. I hope your world turns around, and once it is upside down, you learn how to live feet up. That feet up means being up again.

Everything you want is on the other side of fear. Once you jump from the thirteenth floor of panic, you’ll see just how much you’re capable of.

I hope the doors close. That you have to choose. That you find a way to open windows and that you understand that the light that comes in our lives is what we let in. That living in darkness is not blinding, but it doesn’t let us see.

I hope you look up, believing or not. And that you’ll say thank you. Thank you for you. Thank you for them. Thank you for everything. Always thank you.

I hope you go mad. That you find what keeps you awake at night, and that you don’t stop until its finished. That you finish it. That it’s yours. That you share it. That it’s worth it.

I hope you give up. That you’re surrounded and that for a moment you think nothing could be worse. I hope that it’s only that, a moment. It’s you and only you who can decide how much it lasts. That you break the walls and keep fighting. Always keep fighting as long as you have a motive to fight. That it’s worth it.

I hope you still have a story to tell, something to raise a glass to. That you remember those that left and remember that those who are still here stay for a reason. I hope you always have someone to tell you the truth, even if it hurts.

I hope you make as many mistakes as you can. That you ask for forgiveness and you forgive. That you come home with a lesson learned and the peace of knowing that pride destroys more than creates and deflects more than closens. That you get closer. And that it’s worth it.

I hope someone breaks your heart. In tiny little pieces. So small that they don’t even look like pieces. So small they look like dust. I hope you get down and pick them up and put them again in places you didn’t even imagine existed within you. I hope you shake off the spiderwebs and have them where you need, to do what we all have to do sooner or later trust.

I hope you live.

That you survive.

That it’s worth it.

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