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How do you look at art?

What is the difference between the functions of art for art’s sake and art as the mirror of life? Art for art’s sake is basically when you are a creator of pure fancy – and don’t get me wrong, there’s nothing wrong about this but as times have changed so has the course of drama. The attitude of modern art is to be a mirror of life. The artists cannot detach themselves from the events and occurrences going on in reality.

Since art speaks a language of its own, a language embracing the entire scope of human emotions, it often sounds meaningless to those whose hearing has been dulled by the ruckus of stereotyped phrases. Unfortunately, we have only looked to theatre as a place of amusement and not as a place of ideas and inspiration. The modern drama including literature mirrors the complex struggles of life. The struggle which has its roots in the depth of human nature and social environment, and hence is, to that extent, universal. Drama and theatre are mediums which have the power to embrace every stratum of society – showing each and all caught into the throes of the tremendous changes going on, and forced either to become part of the process or left behind.

They have a culture of their own, that only a few people understand; those who do, make it a huge part of their lives. Some plays attempt to spread awareness about social issues such as racism, sexism, homophobia, etc. The playwrights write about something that matters to them as their form of expression. This helps cause a wind of social change since it ignites realisation. It forms a group of individuals willing to cause change and understand what is truly important to them. Hence, making it an impactful medium for exposing problems because those who understand it know how real and active theatre is in the world.

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