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Dairy is Cruel, GO VEGAN!

Hi! I'm Kasvi Hirawat and since my blog is going to go around veganism and animal cruelty, I thought of adressing a topic which everyone needs to know.

We’re all familiar with the slogans … “ The complete food” “The right nutritions”. Everyday we see ads that picturize delighted cows being milked by hand in lush green fields. We’ve also been taught that we need dairy products to have strong bones for so long that it has been crystallized in our culture as a reality. But is all this true? The indian dairy videos got me riled up and I haven't yet calmed down.

The dairy sector is a business. They sell a commodity. They do their best to persuade us that their product is important for keeping up good health because profit is motivated by it. I’d like to address you under all the marketing spins and limited wording the facts about the dairy industry.

DAIRY COWS DO NOT NEED TO BE MILKED- They ( like all other mammals ) just produce milk to feed their baby. There’s a very common belief that since they still contain milk, cows need to be milked and thus milking is “healthy” for them. This is completely false!

By artificial insemination, female cows are restrained and raped to be pregnant. When they give birth, just hours after the delivery their babies are taken away from them. This is absolutely distressing and confusing for the new mother who wants to feed and comfort her baby. It’s also equally distressing for the calf who has no idea what’s going to happen and just wants it’s mother. The cows are then whisked off to be hooked to a series of hooks and pumps that will be attached to her for hours at a time, leaving her teats bare, bruised and pussing red. The female is dosed up with hormones and antibiotics to fight the pus and other nasties that end up in the milk, which often end up in the milk you pour on your cereal, yum. Yeah, the milk has been refined… but tests have shown that any mouthful always ends up with a significant volume. Once the female has reached the end of her life ( about four years ) she is then taken away to be slaughtered.

Families are torn apart, lives are cut short, cows suffer from painful mutilations, they’re forcibly being pregnant, injected, raped, murdered, slaughtered! There’s so much being done and people yet choose to have dairy.

I can’t tell you how many times I've been asked “why vegan?" “Why not just vegetarian?" "I guess being vegetarian would be easier right?" Not for me, because there are ample amounts of vegan options for milk, cheese, butter, curd and paneer. I care about animals on earth, I believe that just like humans, animals have rights and deserve to live a happy life. Animals don’t belong to us to use for food, clothing, entertainment or any other reason. By switching on to plant based diets, human societies will be able to alleviate the needless suffering and deaths of countless animals, the irreparable damage done onto the earth like air and water pollution, the erosion of lands, waste of precious energy, and deforestation.

Together let's do our bit to save these innocent animals by turning vegan!

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