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Am I being an Optimist?

I feel tired,

I feel helpless,

Of living in a world full of hate and judgment,

Of waking up every morning to hear another tragedy,

Of being surrounded by death,

Of monotony,

Of forgetting how to live.

2020 a year of misery.

There was a time in this year itself, where I did not look at the world like this,

When I thought the coronavirus is a learning lesson for us,

An opportunity to unite, to grow as humans

to reinvent.

I thought this lockdown, was a blessing in disguise.

A break from reality.

A moment for peace and quiet.

A chance to slow down and take a breath.

Then why exactly is that not happening?

Was I being too naive?

Was I being too ‘optimistic’?

I understand the world is full of imperfections,

Ridding each one of them is impossible.

What I do not understand, are the terms,

‘Let it go’

‘It’s beyond reach’

‘It won’t work’.

If we don’t try to make it work, then who will.

If the optimists aren’t here to brighten up the dull, then who will?


While it seems that the world is falling apart,

In my eyes, it is still standing strong and fighting, long and hard.

While you see riots, destruction, violence,

I look past that,

I see unity for a cause, an urge for equality,

I see change for the better,

I see a step forward.

The universe gave us a chance to become one and fight a deathly venom together,

We did come together, we did fight, but we also lost sight of the goal.

Suddenly we weren’t focusing on fighting the virus, but the cause of it.

Suddenly, we were divided again.

So we got another chance,

A chance to fight something deadlier than the virus - society

And while it only happened in one part of the world,

Every other part has dealt with it and empathizes with it, and is now fighting for it.

We are one again, fighting for justice and righteousness.

It won’t be long before we lose sight of the goal, and focus on other needless aspects of life.

In return,

the universe might toss us another chain of despair.

It is then up to us to unite or divide,

It is up to us to pass the test.

I think we can,

But then again

is this what a realist would say or an optimist?

The world is closing in on us,

You feel suffocated.



You have 2 choices -

You can complain about it


You can smile about it and imagine how beautiful life would be after,

A chance to hit reset, without actually resetting

A chance to start over, without losing everything

A chance to be born again, with the same maturity

Your words hold weight, more than you can imagine,

Before you choose to make this world heavier with your words,


You can always make it lighter, happier and hopeful

So choose, with this in mind.

By the time we come out of this trance,

A baby would have grown from 1 to 2,

A young girl would have entered her teens,

A teen would have turned an adult, and we all would have spent a year, without knowing exactly how.

We would say it was a waste,

It was unproductive,

It was a mess.

And we only grew by a year

But the world would have grown ages worth a decade

And this is something we have to realize.


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