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15 Minute HIIT Workout

(Follow along video)

Just a couple of things to remember:

-Bloating is natural. It does not mean that your body is punishing you. Its your body completing the process of digestion.

-Binging once in a while doesn't mean the end of the world. You don't need to do extra cardio or reduce your food in take on the next day.

-Don't ever feel guilty for nourishing your body or treating yourself to food that you love.

-Your body will not look the same every single day.

-If you are still hungry after a meal, guess what? You need to eat more.

-Your body is burning calories 24/7. It does not follow a clock, so don't deprive yourself of food when you're hungry just because its 11pm.

-If you stop imposing strict restrictions on your food intake, the intensity of your cravings will reduce.

-Even if you are working on yourself and haven't reached your desired goal yet, you are allowed to love your body exactly how it is right now.

-If a way to get fit/ lose or gain weight sounds too good to be true...IT IS. (There are no short cuts)


-Feelings of guilt and shame are worse for you than anything you'll ever eat.

-The $27 Billion diet industry cares about your money more than your health.


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