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An all-encompassing platform dedicated toward bringing tenacious students, with aspirations to have their voices heard, together. We recognize both; the financial and technical barriers that can prevent determined students from being able to start their own blog. Therefore, we strongly believe that providing an already established platform, by the means of a website, gives them the opportunity to have their individual voices heard along with an equally persistent community motivated to do the exact same thing. 

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This Website deals with the collection, use, disclosure and transfer of information by the Owner of the blog and other various Authors. These are personal blogs. Any views or opinions represented in this Website are personal and belong solely to the Author of the article uploaded on the blog and does not represent those of the Owner, people, institutions or organizations that the Website Owner may or may not be associated with in professional or personal capacity unless explicitly stated. By using this Website the User understands and acknowledges that there is no relationship of whatsoever nature (including implied, legal or fiduciary) between the User and the Website Owner or the Author of the article.

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